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Projects: Updating and Embellishment of this Website


As a novice web designer who tried to create a "Phinizy Family Home Page" website in 1999 by self- teaching the HTML web code, I had kind of forgotten about updating and embellishing the site -- because it was so hard to do.


Then I kept seeing television commercials for different companies which specialized in helping the non-professional create modern websites.  Wow, the technology has really changed in almost 20 years.  I researched and read lots of reviews of the different companies and finally settled on as being one of the best.

Wix makes it so much easier to work on the website.  But I would still appreciate any design suggestions or content suggestions from anyone  -- whether a professional web designer or an interested family member.  Thank you.

     Ferdinand Phinizy Calhoun III

Phinizy Family Coat of Arms (2019_01_30

As a joke, someone in the Phinizy Family created a tongue-in-cheek family crest many years ago.  It refers to the supposed Italian ancestry of the original immigrant Ferdinand Phinizy I and the stereotype Italian "monkey grinder" image.  The Latin phrase "AGE NON RETROSUM" translates into "Forward Not Backward" which seems pretty positive.

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