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Project: Writing "The Mysterious Major Phinizy"


My father, Dr. Ferdinand Phinizy Calhoun, Jr. -- who wrote "Grandmother Was a Phinizy" -- loved genealogical and historical research and was fascinated by the original immigrant Ferdinand Phinizy I (circa 1761 - 1818) -- because he was such a mystery.  Nothing can be conclusively proved about his origins.  It is rather unusual that he appeared out of nowhere in the backwoods of the Georgia frontier and became such a prominent and weathly merchant and member of the community.

It was my father's desire to write an historical fiction of the immigran's life.  There are several fascinating stories about Phinizy that have been historically documented.  My father had started writing this book and has copius notes and drafts -- which his family still have.  He even envisioned that this story could be turned into a historical docudrama.

If you are a writer and are interested in historically based fiction, please contact me.  Thank you.

     Ferdinand Phinizy Calhoun III

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